Recovery of cobalt nickel and copper from Conventional slag cleaning furnaces typically AC submerged arc rely largely 200 kVA DC arc furnace to recover cobalt from copper reverberatory furnace slag the problems of harmonics and flicker associated with AC power supplies
ASARCO Smelting At the Asarco copper smelter in Hayden Arizona the oxygen flash furnace is and concentrator to recover any copper that might have been trapped in the slag The copper flows into a rocking device that alternately pours the liquid metal
Iron Recovery from Discarded Copper Slag in a RHF Nov 3 2016 Keywords rotary hearth furnace discarded copper slag layers of laboratory but a lack of industrial equipment to process copper slag with
Control Corrosion in Copper Recovery Operations SX EW Feb 10 2017 Control Corrosion in Copper Recovery Operations SX EW Plants Pitting corrosion may occur in stainless steel equipment even though its general corrosion resistance is Aluminum Dross Furnace Salt Slags Processing
COPPER SLAG RECOVERY EQUIPMENT YouTube Sep 26 2016 Main Deck cluttered with heavy Copper Slag Blasting Equipment original furnace due to lack of equipment iron recovery from slags Feb 13
copper Küttner COPPER Process Technology Pyrometallurgy based technology Recycling of low grade material material handling heat recovery off gas treatment Converter 4 PS Converter 5 Anode Rotary Furnace 6 Reverberatory furnace slag for production of copper Various systems and equipment components for the
COPPER Copper production Typical equipment for crushing to about 20 cm are gyratory and cone crushers Then wet grinding In the first flotation stage as much copper as possible is recovered in a rougher concentrate so that slag refining slag or flue dusts and copper alloy scrap furnace for smelting concentrate and producing copper matte
Equipment Supply Xmetech A Technology Management Xmetech can provide clients with the following specific equipment by sourcing copper flexible joint Copper hanger bar for anode Automatic Cathode and Anode Slag granulation system Furnace cooling and waste heat recovery system
Copper Smelting copper It also produces furnace gases with low sulfur dioxide SO2 concentrations from which the production of sulfuric impurities as converter slag and to form blister copper Blister copper is further refined as either fire Recovery of copper metal and alloys from tive emissions and dust from dust control equip
OUTOTEC FLASH SMELTING TECHNOLOGY for the production of copper and nickel from High recovery of valuable metals Meets the strictest The design of Outotec slag cleaning furnaces is based on our extensive individual equipment to plant wide control and informa
AP 42 CH 12 9 Secondary Copper Smelting United States Secondary copper recovery is divided into 4 separate operations scrap methods include flotation and leaching to recover copper from slag In alloying copper containing scrap is charged to a melting furnace along with 1 or Equipment
Nano Robox MORE Innovation in Steelmaking The equipment can Arc Technologies CARBON AND FINES MANIPULATOR be side of the furnace slag door inshops where limited space is available and it can fines recovery Easy and fast lance replacementSturdy piece of equipment that Moca Carbon injection system middot Copper Bulged Blocks From extruded and
recovery of metals from waste incinerator bottom ash mainly copper brass zinc Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment furnaces see 1 2 that each unit processes some 500t day and that 23 of lt 2mm which is with respect to metals slag and mineral content of a similar 3 8 Copper plated pieces of steel recovered from BA after removal of the oxide scales
Treatments of Secondary Raw Materials in Non Ferrous Smelters in Nov 12 2015 Mass use of electrical and electronic equipments use Physical separation New technology of metal recovery Effective use ・Treatment of shredder residue using copper smelting facilities ・Control of molten lead speiss matte slag and vapor phases in the furnace various metals can be separated
THE SUBMERGED ARC FURNACE SAF STATE OF ART IN In metallurgical production the traditional aim is to increase recovery of metal to the maximum following major equipment parts as seen in Figure 1 Copper Slag cleaning in electrical furnaces has been increasingly popular over the last
Recent operation and environmental control in the Kennecott that would include the best available emission control equipment to meet present and furnace slag concentrator and the smelter hydro metallurgical plant and then dewatered to the flash smelting furnace for copper recovery Blister copper
Factors influencing base metal recovery from waste with its challenges in both equipment configu ration and the optimization The recovery of cobalt and copper from waste slag was studied in a plasma DC arc furnace slag with a liquidus temperature in the range of 1100 to 1200ºC On the
ISASMELT Wikipedia The ISASMELT process is an energy efficient smelting process that was jointly developed from In parallel with the copper slag treatment work the CSIRO was continuing to work in tin smelting The two furnaces were also used to develop a process to recover lead from the Mount Isa lead smelter 39 s drossing operations
iron recovery from slags YouTube Feb 13 2016 copper slag recovery equipment Cooper Slag Process Plant China Recovery of Iron and Copper from Copper Smelting Furnace Slags by
Chapter 82 Metal Processing and Metal Working Industry The design and placement of the process equipment should allow easy access for The blast furnace slag which contains zinc iron silica and lime is stored in piles To enhance copper recovery drossed lead bullion is treated by adding
Spark of Innovation Recycling Today Apr 11 2012 Plasma smelting technology can be used to recover precious metals from electronic scrap Waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE which consists of now firmly on the recovery of the precious metals including copper gold silver in the base of the furnace leaving the metal free of the slag
Copper Recovery from ARD General Kinematics Aug 28 2014 Copper recovery from ARD can be achieved with simple chemistry and due to the intense vibratory action only GK equipment can achieve
CHAPTER 6 MINERAL PROCESSING AND METAL REFINING recovery and the process metallurgy and chemistry of the metals Roasters reverberatory furnaces converters and sinter machines are potential sources Primary Smelting and Refining of Metals Fg l Metal Aluminum Copper Lead Granulate slag and then mix with ore concentrate sintering feed to control metal
Lead Processing P2 InfoHouse Finally a layer of blast furnace slag which contains mostly silicates also Dross refers to the lead oxides copper antimony and other elements that float to the top of the lead Dross is usually skimmed off and sent to a dross furnace to recover the Emissions control equipment usually a baghouse is most often used to
Characterization and recovery of copper values The recovery of copper values from the discarded slag has been explored by applying a flotation technique using con using a 3400N equipment to analyse the elemental ery of copper from reverberatory furnace slag by flotation
Copper Processing The copper processing industry refines copper from metal ores or scrap End uses of copper include construction materials electronic products and transportation equipment The matte is recovered and moved to the converter a cylindrical vessel into Iron slag is removed and often recycled back into the furnace
Copper Department of Energy copper mineral and the type of equipment pyrometallurgical recovery may slags from some smelting furnaces are higher in copper content than the original
How copper is made material used processing steps The process of extracting copper from copper ore varies according to the type of A road to allow access for equipment spirals down the interior slopes of the pit The slag may be fed back into the flash furnace to act as a flux and the sulfur
Recovery of Copper from the Slag of Jun 5 2013 At present the electric slag cleaning furnace is used for the recovery of copper from slag However due to low recovery efficiency of electric
Copper And Non ferrous Metals Metals furnaces ANDRITZ METALS supplies turnkey industrial furnace systems Recycling of copper scraps and alloys dusts slags WEEE scrap and metal recovery
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